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The Brexit strategy

The departure of the United Kingdom from the European Union is creating a great deal of uncertainty about trade with the United Kingdom. This lack of clarity about this future relationship can create challenges for your business. After all, what exactly should you be preparing for?

Brexit Preparation Package

SGS Maco helps to make this transition easier with the Brexit Preparation Package, which we developed together with several major exporters to the UK. This package contains an extensive number of services that help you to prepare for Brexit.

  • We will analyse your current trade with the UK and advise you on which customs obligations will apply to you.
  • We provide customs training specifically for trade with the UK.
  • We take care of all the necessary registrations with customs and tax authorities in the Netherlands and the United Kingdom.
  • Our consultants provide advice on how to draw up customs declarations. This can be done in several ways: semi-automated, automated, manually in-house, or outsourced.
  • Our free Brexit Help Desk is ready to answer all your questions about trade with the UK.

If you order the Brexit Preparation Package from SGS Maco, you will be eligible for a subsidy of up to 50% of the costs. This package offers many more options.

Customs obligations

We are closely involved in discussions about Brexit and advise parties in the United Kingdom on how they can ensure that trade is hindered as little as possible by customs obligations. Stay informed of all articles related to Brexit under ‘News’.

Terms of delivery

If you are currently importing goods from other non-EU countries, you will already have experience with importing and be familiar with the customs formalities with the UK. But it is important that you are well informed of the terms of delivery under which you receive goods from the UK. These terms of delivery determine who is responsible for the customs formalities on the UK and on the European side.

Customs formalities

Of course, we can help you with these customs formalities. We are active in the Netherlands and Belgium and since Brexit we are also active in the United Kingdom, so that we can offer you a total solution for trade with the UK.

Brexit newsletter

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