Will Brexit affect your business?

Will Brexit affect your business?

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Why wait for Brexit?

Are you a company located in the UK, doing business in the European Union? Are you worried about the consequences of Brexit? How will it affect your business? Maco Customs Service has analyzed possible consequences and can, therefore, help you anticipate the obligations Brexit will bring.

Border control

Theresa May, UK’s Prime Minister has informed the European council that she will trigger atricle 50 on Wednesday, March 29, thus starting the two-year period of negotiating the terms of leaving. It is to be expected that, within two years, border formalities will have to be fulfilled as you import to or export from the continent.  No matter the outcome of the Brexit negotiations, border controls will be put in place. A flexible way of solving your trade and logistic challenges caused by Brexit is using Limited Fiscal Representation (LFR).

What is Limited Fiscal Representation?

LFR allows you, as a UK company, to import, store and distribute goods in the EU without paying import VAT or registering as a company in another EU country. Maco Customs Service will act as your Fiscal Representative and therewith take over your import customs and VAT obligations. The below video explains how it works.

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