Brexit and logistics

Brexit and logistics

Brexit entails huge challenges for logistics providers trading with the United Kingdom. Your clients will shortly have to draw up import and export declarations. You may have to draw up transit documents. Delays are highly likely.

Neutral customs service provider

SGS Maco provides a total solution to help logistics providers deal with Brexit. We are a neutral customs service provider and act as a customs partner for dozens of logistics providers. This means that we can take care of all customs-related matters for logistics providers. We will help with acquisition, solve problems, and ensure that your clients will benefit from a smooth service.


We can help you with customs services on both sides of the North Sea. This will save you a great deal of trouble, as you will only have to deal with one customs service provider for both import and export. It is also less expensive as we can reuse the data contained in export declarations for import. You can use our TransitNet solution to open transit documents in almost all of Europe to minimise waiting times at the border.

What to do next?

Contact our specialist, Etienne Mulders, free of obligation to find out how we can relieve you of the problems posed by Brexit.