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Best customs procedure

Forto is a digital asset-free freight service provider located in Berlin (HQ). Forto stands for groundbreaking, scalable, digital logistics technology and services that go beyond transportation from point A to point B. Our easy to use and intuitive platform allows our customers to optimize and, therefore, own their entire global supply chain processes. Our ideas, visions and technology are powered by a great team and a unique culture.

SGS Maco as your customs partner

We’ve chosen SGS Maco to be our customs partner as they offer us the possibility to automate customs declaration in the Netherlands by interfacing Forto´s system with the Maco Customs Connect software. At this point, we are in the process of automating the clearance as well as the communication with the harbor systems in Belgium and the Netherlands.

SGS Maco performance

Beside the automation, compliance is a key aspect for Forto. With SGS Maco´s experts we decide about the best customs procedure considering the supply chain of our customers. Whether this is fiscal representation, standard importation or transit. Furtheron Forto appreciates the proactive customer service from SGS Maco’s professional team. A combination of their customs knowledge and operational vision creates added value for our business.

Formula for success

In the case of physical inspections or any other related service we can trust on a full service out of one hand. The teams of Maco in Rotterdam and Antwerp coordinate all actions around the declaration of goods in the harbor. Currently Forto uses the fiscal representation and transit services of SGS Maco.

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