Case story

Effective, on-time delivery

ADB delivers complete solutions for broadband and TV operators around the world. Ensuring on-time delivery is a key factor for our customers and wouldn’t be possible without the professional support of a company with extensive customs knowledge and experience. SGS Maco fulfils that role superbly.

SGS Maco as your customs partner

We chose SGS Maco as our customs broker and fiscal representative in Netherlands eight years ago. Their high quality and professional service in combination with their comprehensive knowledge and complex support was the decision-making factor for us. We have customers in nearly every country in Europe and each one requires different products. It is crucial for us to cooperate with someone who understands European Union legislation and helps us stay up-to-date with customs and tax regulations.

SGS Maco performance

Effective customs clearance and maintaining good relationships with Dutch Customs (with SGS Maco as our dedicated customs broker) and the Dutch Tax Office (with SGS Maco as our general fiscal representative) are the fiscal fields where SGS Maco always provides us with complete and on-time customer support.  Their professionalism boosts ADB’s reputation as an efficient supplier that delivers goods on time and is a reliable importer to Dutch Customs.

Success formula

The team is highly customer-oriented, focused on giving professional support and committed to solving problems. This approach ensures that ADB can successfully conduct its operations and continue its business activities in Europe.