Case story

Integrated excise solutions

DrankDozijn is an online beverage specialist offering an extensive range of beverages in Belgium, the Netherlands, and Germany. Through direct contact with the manufacturers and importers, the central warehouse in Amsterdam can offer famous brands and exclusive varieties at the lowest possible price. Automation is important for this e-commerce concept for an efficient, reliable, and fast handling process.

SGS Maco: your customs partner

As an online store, we want to offer a wide range of quality products at the lowest possible price. We are committed to keeping our clients satisfied by bringing in specialized and reliable partners such as SGS Maco who have extensive knowledge about excise duties and access to an international network. The specialists at SGS Maco actively help us find solutions to improve efficiency and simplify processes. The combination of expertise and software applications within SGS Maco represents an absolute added value for the optimization of our processes.

SGS Maco performance

SGS Maco helped us to be 100% compliant with excise legislation in Belgium and Germany. We used their excise duty application to create a simplified system for distance selling in which we transfer integrated data to pay the correct excise duties for our consumers in the Member State of consumption. The SGS Maco excise duty application calculates the excise duty due on the data supplied, and SGS Maco is also responsible for the periodic processing of the excise duty process. The application allows us to follow up on all current transactions or look up completed transactions. In addition, we also use the EMCS (Excise Movement Control System) software from SGS Maco, in which the incoming and outgoing flow of goods within our excise warehouse in Amsterdam are automatically processed via an interface from our Warehouse Management System (WMS)) package.

The formula for success

Since the start of their partnership in 2015, DrankDozijn and SGS Maco have maintained a pleasant and professional relationship that is built on consultation. SGS Maco’s innovative approach and willingness to work with external parties to optimize our processes contributes to the further expansion of our business – and we hope that we can continue this successful partnership in France!

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