Case story

Correct and punctual customs clearance

Jonkers Yachts is a dealer of luxury yachts, combining honest workmanship, pioneering technology and top-quality materials. Jonkers Yachts is a young, dynamic company that aims to deliver the very best quality.

In June 2021, Jonkers Yachts opened the very first EU customs warehouse in the Netherlands for seagoing sailing and motor yachts. The warehouse is located on the Grevelingenmeer (Ouddorp, South Holland) and has been set up in cooperation with the Dutch customs authorities and SGS Maco Customs Service. In addition, SGS Maco will take care of all the customs formalities within the warehouse.

The customs warehouse is a solution for owners, importers, dealers, yacht brokers and yacht builders who are looking for a temporary storage solution for their yacht in the Netherlands, without having to pay import duties and taxes.

SGS Maco as your customs partner

We as Jonkers Yachts had been a customer of SGS Maco Customs Service for some time with regard to customs-related activities before we decided to open the customs warehouse. SGS Maco has a good reputation in the market and they have shown this from the beginning of our cooperation. They meet their agreements in a timely manner and, moreover, the specialists from SGS Maco have provided us with excellent assistance in the past, as well as in this process, to correctly complete all customs formalities.

SGS Maco performance

The correct and punctual customs clearance provided by SGS Maco with the on-time customer support and good relationship with Dutch Customs are important reasons that ensure that our cooperation runs smoothly. The support of SGS Maco has helped to open the first customs warehouse for seagoing sailing and motor yachts in the Netherlands and surrounding countries. The above arguments contribute to the fact that we are happy to outsource our customs formalities to SGS Maco.


Partly due to Brexit, opening a customs warehouse for seagoing sailing and motor yachts is a unique opportunity for Jonkers Yachts. As stated earlier, Jonkers Yachts had been a customer of SGS Maco for some time, allowing us to already rely on a healthy mutual trust basis for this process. Ultimately, the collaboration ensured that Jonkers Yachts was able to successfully open the first customs warehouse for seagoing sailing and motor yachts in the Netherlands

The first yacht has now been stored in the customs warehouse of Jonkers Yachts and with this the first part of our collaboration has been successfully completed. The second part of our collaboration will mainly consist of the operational activities associated with these customs-related activities.

Success formula

SGS Maco is the source of information for Jonkers Yachts and at the same time SGS Maco the knowledge base in the field of customs, which makes it work well between us. In order to continue our good collaboration, the consultants of SGS Maco Customs Service will remain involved throughout the entire process. The SGS Maco Customs Service team will also continue to take care of the necessary customs documents. Thanks to the good cooperation between Jonkers Yachts, SGS Maco Customs Service and Dutch Customs, the necessary permits and the customs warehouse were finally arranged, which we would like to continue with.