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24/7 reliability and efficiency

Zeeland Refinery was looking for a customs partner to deliver efficient and reliable customs software while also providing expertise and advise. Based in Nieuwdorp in the Dutch province of Zeeland, Zeeland Refinery is a medium-sized oil refinery and is a joint venture between owners Total and Lukoil. It processes approximately 10 billion kg (10 million tonnes) of raw materials into fuels and raw materials for the petrochemical industry every year. Customs declarations form an important part of the required transport documents that must be drawn up for the combined and individual import, export, and transport of these products. This process runs 24/7 and is automatically controlled by the EMCS, AGS, and NCTS systems as a result of the interaction between the company’s own administration and the customs software. As this process is essential to efficiency, it is important that it always runs smoothly without any downtime.

SGS Maco: your customs partner

Zeeland Refinery knows exactly which demands customs software needs to meet: reliability, online availability, fast response times, availability of all information though XML messages and downloads, and short lines of communication in case of problems. The SGS Maco customs software – developed in-house – offers all these functionalities. But it was the additional conditions that convinced Zeeland Refinery that SGS Maco offered the best solution. SGS Maco came up with an innovative solution for including an ‘administrative key’ of the Zeeland Refinery software in the Maco software in order to be able to combine both systems. SGS Maco also offers a help desk function and very short lines of communication. Furthermore, SGS Maco also acts a customs representative, making them an expert on customs-related matters.

SGS Maco performance

During the implementation of this system, Zeeland Refinery experienced the service and expertise offered by SGS Maco. The refinery highly appreciated the short lines of communication, as this allowed for direct coordination. SGS Maco actively helped to come up with solutions and innovations where needed, and improvements could be implemented straight away. The entire start-up went smoothly and serves as the perfect example of effective teamwork.

The formula for success

The administration of Zeeland Refinery is fully integrated with the data from the SGS Maco system. The reliability and efficiency of this software has been proven time and time again. The availability of all customs data is of great value for Zeeland Refinery, as advanced reports can now be made efficiently. Zeeland Refinery has already made more than 6,000 declarations and works together with the SGS Maco software and team day in and day out.

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