DMS 4.0 imports will be postponed until further notice

DMS4.0 Import postponed

DMS 4.0 imports will be postponed until further notice

Last week customs communicated that the introduction of DMS4.0 Import will be postponed. This is due to issues with the connection towards the accounts receivables administration. The problems have a major impact on quality, which means that it is currently not possible to implement DMS 4.0. Customs is therefore once again postponing the planned start of the implementation of DMS 4.0 Import in October 2022.

Customs is currently making a new schedule for the go-live of DMS 4.0 Imports. This in turn also affects the schedule DMS 4.0 output (normal procedure) and DMS 4.1 (IIAA). As a result, the planned end date for implementation on June 30, 2023, cannot be met.

The new schedule is not yet available because customs will first discuss this issue with the European Commission. This means that they cannot yet say exactly what the new planning will look like at this moment, but they expect to come up with this in the near future.

More information (in Dutch) here.