Fiscal representation

Fiscal representation

Our main aim is to avoid the pre-financing of VAT on imports. But the European VAT regime can often be complicated when it comes to international trade, as legislation and regulations are constantly changing. We understand that you need a knowledge partner who knows all the rules that apply to VAT and who can guide you through this complex process. We ensure that the European VAT regime works in your favour and that your cash flow is improved. With fiscal representation, you can import and sell goods in the EU without paying import tax. Our fiscal representation solution makes import and sales in Europe simple.

Advantages of fiscal representation

We act as your fiscal representative, so that you don’t need to pay import tax when you import goods into the EU. This rule applies to imports into the Netherlands and Belgium for the distribution to all EU countries. We ensure that all your processes are compliant with customs regulations. If you are involved in B2B trade, you don’t even need an individual VAT registration. As your fiscal representative, we take care of the payment of your import duties.

Our tax-related solutions

We offer support through various tax-related solutions:

  • Limited fiscal representation
  • General fiscal representation
  • VAT registration

Our solutions can also be used for both B2B and B2C trade. As we want to offer you the best possible service, we need a few details. Please complete this questionnaire and e-mail it to our Customer Service department at You will receive a reply from our expert as soon as possible. If you have any questions, our VAT expert will be happy to answer them.

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