As from 15. March 2021, ICS2 will be launched

ICS2 will be launched

A pre-arrival security and safety programme will be launched

As from 15. March 2021, the European Union will launch a pre-arrival security and safety programme, the ICS2 (Import Control System 2). This programme will be launched to reinforce the risk management framework, since it will support improved risk-based customs controls while at the same time minimizing burden for legitimate trade across the EU’s external borders.

In the first place, this means that express carriers and designated postal operators, established in the European Union (destination posts), will be required to provide the minimum set of advance electronic data. They have to provide this in the format of the electronic Entry Summary Declaration (ENS) to the ICS2, for all goods in consignments they are responsible to bring into the EU Customs territory prior to their arrival.

The aim of the ICS2 is to provide an extra security layer to the existing civil aviation security requirements. It is an essential EU customs instrument for managing entry security and safety border controls.

It is important to note that all economic operators involved in handling, shipping and transporting of cargo, express or postal consignments will be affected by this update. However, the release date will differ, depending on the type of service that they provide in the international movement of goods. At this moment, there are three release dates (15 March 2021, 1 March 2023, and 1 March 2024) of ICS2. As already indicated, the first date applies to the express carriers and designated postal operators.

Further details can be consulted in the ‘EU guidance on air cargo security referral protocols for ICS2’.

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