Importer’s declaration

Importer’s declaration

If you import goods from outside the EU, you have to request for customs to release these goods for import. You may also be required to pay import duties and VAT by submitting an import declaration to customs. Every year, SGS Maco helps thousands of importers to draw up import declarations. We provide support to importers in all industries with all types of products to all possible destinations.

The importance of compliance

It is essential that you submit correct import declarations, or you may be faced with additional tax assessments, fines, and possibly even criminal proceedings later on. SGS Maco is always compliant. Our customs brokers help to prevent any issues by determining which commodity code applies to your products, by helping you claim preferential treatment (paying no or less import duties) if you are allowed to do so, and by ensuring that you give the correct value to the customs authorities. SGS Maco also takes care of the payment of import duties and VAT where applicable. And if customs wants to carry out an inspection, we can help you organize and handle it.

Our way of working

We take care of all your import obligations. Download our handy import guide here. This guide tells you what to look out for when importing and how SGS Maco helps you meet your customs obligations quickly and meticulously. Whether you import via port, airport, rail, or by road, SGS Maco ensures that your import declaration is submitted correctly and on time so that you avoid any delays and any unpleasant surprises afterwards. We can take care of your import declarations in the Netherlands and Belgium, so that you can keep a clear overview of all your imports via the Benelux.

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