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You need an import document if you import goods from outside the EU into the EU. We draw up your import declaration and ensure it is processed correctly in the Export Control System (ECS), to prevent any additional tax assessments.

What we do for you

  • If you give us your invoice ahead of time, we resolve any uncertainties.
  • We ensure a correct digital declaration.
  • If your shipment is inspected by customs, we take care of everything and minimize delays.
  • SGS Maco pays the taxes on your behalf.

What do we need from you?

  • Once-only authorization for direct or indirect representation.
  • Commercial invoice and packing list.
  • Prior customs procedure.
  • The correct commodity codes.
  • Clear specification of the numbers and weights per commodity code.
  • Invoice of freight costs if required.

Import Our services

Have your import declarations drawn up by SGS Maco

Always certain of customs-related matters

Fiscal representation or other VAT services

A full-service solution, no VAT payments

Automation of import declarations

Easier than you think


AEO, permits / other customs-related matters

Brexit solutions

Comprehensive solutions for the EU and UK

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