New office in Venlo

New office in Venlo

We will open our new office in Venlo

As of 1 april, we will open our new office in Venlo. This office will be located at Columbusweg 25, 5928 LA. We are going to be located near the crossing motorways A67 and A73, the brand new Railterminal Greenport Venlo and the customs office in Venlo.

The choice to set up a new office in Venlo is based both on strategic and commercial considerations. We see that Venlo is becoming an ever more important Dutch and European logistics hotspot due to its strategic location between the ports of Rotterdam and Antwerp and the Rhine-Ruhr area. The geographic strength of rail, inland barge shipping and the road (A67 and A73) have contributed to the excellent transhipment facilities for containers in Venlo. In addition, the construction of the largest Railterminal of the Netherlands in Venlo offers great potential for logistics and distribution with efficient and direct connections to Rotterdam, Antwerp and the European hinterland. Railterminal Greenport Venlo will make this region even more important and through this local representation we want to take an important step forward to optimize and expand our services in this region.

SGS Maco differentiates itself in the market for customs services by our focus on service, knowledge and innovation. More and more companies in the Venlo region are starting to cooperate with SGS Maco for that reason. Our new office in Venlo enables us to operate locally and we are closer to our customers in Venlo.

For more information you can read our leaflet about the Venlo office here.

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