ATR document – T2L document

ATR document

Special customs documents may still be required for specific consignments. For example, the origin of goods from Turkey has to be proven with an ATR certificate in the EU. This is a customs document that is used for trade between EU countries and Turkey. The EU has concluded a customs agreement with Turkey which, in principle, makes the EU and Turkey a customs union. This means that most goods can be imported into both areas without import duties under the condition that they originate from the EU or Turkey. This status is proven with the ATR certificate.

T2L document

The T2L and T2LF are certificates of origin that indicate that the goods listed come from the free circulation of the European Community. These documents are important in such cases as when goods are transported by sea from one part of the customs territory (as opposed to the fiscal territory) of the EU to another territory. When a ship from international waters enters a port in the European Community, customs assumes that all the goods on the ship come from outside the European Union and are therefore classified as non-Community goods. A T2L or a T2LF can then be used to prove that the goods come from the free circulation of the European Union.

Further information

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