Dual-use goods

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What are dual-use goods?

More and more attention has recently been paid to the export control of strategic goods. But it is fairly difficult to determine in practice when goods are strategic items and when they are not. However, these days, there are tools and resources that can be used to establish this.

Definition of strategic goods

Strategic goods are goods that are so strategically important for security reasons and under international agreements that they should not be exported or only exported under certain conditions. These are usually goods that can be used for military purposes or for the manufacture of weapons of mass destruction. The term strategic goods includes both military and dual-use goods.

Dual-use goods

In addition to normal civil use, dual-use goods can also have a military application (conventional dual-use goods) or an application in the development and production of weapons of mass destruction (WMD) or means of delivery for them.

Export or import of strategic goods

Due to various international sanctions, strict rules apply to the export and transit of dual-use goods. The EC Regulation for dual-use goods contains an extensive list of specified goods. This list is updated every year, and we recommend that you take a look at it. An export license is required for export of some of these types of goods to countries outside the EU and for their transfer within Europe.

List of dual-use goods

The dual-use goods list is divided into ten categories: nuclear materials, special materials and related equipment, material processing, electronics, computers, telecommunications and information security, sensors and lasers, navigation and aero-electronics, maritime engineering, and aerospace and propulsion. If your goods fall into one of these categories, then you must apply for authorization at the Central Import and Export Service (CDIU).

Consulting the HS code

You can also consult the HS code in the customs tariff manual. In the tariff manual, dual-use goods are often indicated with a X002 or Y901 document code. If you see this code, you should consult the EC Regulation to determine whether or not it concerns military goods and to find out whether your goods are listed in this Regulation.

Declaration and specification of goods

In this link, you will find a declaration for the specification of strategic and sanctioned goods that you need to use to declare that your products are strategic goods. Please fill in this document completely, sign it, and send it to puishan.cheung@sgs.com. If you are experiencing any problems in determining whether your goods are strategic goods, please contact Pui Shan Cheung, Dual-Use Specialist, who will be happy to help you.

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