EORI number

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What is an EORI number

EORI stands for Economic Operators Registration and Identification. Every business that works with customs is given an EORI number, which is a variant of the current VAT number. All businesses in the EU that work with customs are given an EORI number and customs authorities throughout the EU use this number to know who they are dealing with.

European EORI database

The EORI number follows a different system than the Belgian VAT number, as each legal entity is assigned its own EORI number, but the branches of a legal entity are not. Companies therefore need to take a good look at how they are going to organize their customs affairs internally. The names and addresses of businesses who have given permission for their details to be published are listed on the European EORI database that can be consulted via an EU website. In all other cases it is only possible to check whether an EORI number exists.

AEO-certified businesses

The EORI number is particularly important to identify safe Authorized Economic Operator-certified (AEO) companies. If companies form a chain or ‘green lane’, they can benefit from fewer customs controls. The AEO registration is linked to the EORI number.

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