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26 March 2019

Exporting to the UK quickly and easily after Brexit

Brexit poses challenges and brings up many questions that you, as an exporter, have probably already asked. If the UK does leave the EU, it becomes a third country where customs declarations apply. That’s why we have been hard at work preparing for the post-Brexit period, as this creates a situation that your business has not dealt with before. As your partner in customs compliance, SGS Maco has created and extensive and complete package to help you navigate the post-Brexit customs landscape and keep the trade flows to the UK from the Netherlands and Belgian running smoothly.

What we offer

  • Software developed by SGS Maco, which is combined with our expert customs services to give you a full-service solution for your customs compliance.
  • Knowledge and experience: our experts know everything about the regulations concerning authorizations, credits or suretyship, and power of attorney and are there to assist you throughout the process.
  • Consultancy for the analysis of your trade flows. We also ensure that the commercial documents meet international standards.

Our full-service solution

This is just a selection of what we can do for you if you have trading partners in the UK after Brexit. If you’d like to find out more, take a look at our Brexit page with FAQs and our solutions. You can also contact one of our experts for further information.

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