Transit – NCTS declarations

Transit document

If you are an exporter or carrier of goods and want to import goods into the EU that do not need to be cleared immediately, find out more about what a transit document is and how we can help you.

Transit – NCTS declarations

Goods entering the EU do not have to be cleared immediately. With a transit document, which is also called an NCTS document or T1 document, goods can also be stored in a customs warehouse or continue to another place in the EU. We take care of thousands of transit documents every year for our clients and we can also help you with your T2L document.

What we do for you

  • Give us your invoice ahead of time to ensure fast processing.
  • We ensure a correct digital declaration.
  • If your shipment is inspected by customs, we take care of everything and minimize delays!
  • We ensure payment in the NCTS system.

What do we need from you?

  • Commercial invoice and packing list.
  • Prior customs procedure.
  • The correct commodity codes.
  • Numbers and weights per commodity code.
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