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Personal, Professional, and Proactive

As a full-service logistics partner, GD-iTS Group has become a big name in Warehousing, Freight Forwarding, and International Transport. With customers in the Netherlands and beyond, the company has more than 110 employees who are committed to providing a service based on the 3 Ps: Personal, Professional, and Proactive. These core values are the basis of GD-iTS Group’s vision, as well as being part of SGS Maco’s. United by shared ambitions, the companies entered into a sustainable partnership in which SGS Maco supports GD-iTS Group and acts as an extension of their organization.

SGS Maco as your customs partner

Having been partners for over ten years, it all started when SGS Maco supported GD-iTS Group with an Authorized Economic Operator (AEO) application for its then new warehouse, so that it could function as the Group’s own customs warehouse. Given the high risks of the forwarding business, a full-service logistics organization must operate according to the legal customs regulations and guidelines.


The connecting factor of this partnership is compliance. That’s why SGS Maco uses its working method and extensive professional customs experience to support GD-iTS Group in its operations, ensuring compliance in its business processes and minimizing any risks. SGS Maco also makes sure that GD-iTS can create its own EX-a and T-documents and provides supervision in this area.

Formula for success

Trust plays a major role in SGS Maco’s and GD-iTS’s partnership. They reinforce each other, and it’s under this motto that both companies have successfully completed many projects. ‘Our short lines of communication, personal contact, and shared ICT applications mean we can provide our customers with the best possible service,’ says Arno Mojel, Ocean Sales Manager at GD-iTS Group. GD-iTS Group and SGS Maco leverage each other’s knowledge and expertise in order to provide a dedicated, effective service to their global customers.

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