Tailor-made custom services for fuel delivery to vessels

SGS provides tailor-made custom services for fuel delivery to vessels

Tailor-made custom services for fuel delivery to vessels

The supply of fuels and lubricants to vessels, also called bunkering, is a business that runs 24/7. It requires close collaboration between multiple partners and, in addition, this business has to deal with unique customs processes. SGS has the specialized knowledge and a 24/7 bunkering team to help you ensure fast, secure and professional assistance in customs matters in both the Netherlands and Belgium.

SGS has the opportunity and knowledge to assist you with the delivery processes of mineral oils, lubricants and LNG to vessels, for example in the ports of Rotterdam, Antwerp and Zeebrugge.

In this case, we will not only act as your representative for customs purposes, but our services also include all aspects that may be involved in a bunker operation.

Our in-house software applications enable the electronic communication of correct data and accompanying documentation quickly and easily with customs, port authorities or other parties involved in the supply chain.

In addition, this also guarantees compliance activities and/or administrative stock obligations as much as possible.

Furthermore, we can ensure an efficient process through existing cooperation with several bunker suppliers and operators. We also make use of our expertise in local customs, national legislation, as well as bilateral agreements between the Netherlands and Belgium.

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